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Why Should You Use a Matchmaker?

Executive matchmaking services are often misunderstood, but they are very effective at finding wonderful partners for discerning people. The services we provide can’t be found with traditional online dating services and are nothing like the horrible blind dates you may have been sent on by well-meaning friends or relatives. Instead, our elite matchmaking service focuses on finding that one person you’d want to build a life with.

At Elite Connections International, we pride ourselves on maintaining our reputation as the most exclusive executive matchmaking service. Referrals from satisfied clients, both past and present, are the heart of our success. Our typical client is an extremely busy and successful professional who is looking for that special someone, but who has become frustrated by too many time-wasting dates with incompatible people.

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The Difference Between an Elite Matchmaking Service and Online Dating

Think about it this way. If you’re flying in from Europe, you can either arrange to be met at the airport by a chauffeur or you can order an Uber. Your chauffeur anticipates your needs and greets you with an immaculate, high-end car. You can relax or work as you wish during the ride home. This is the level of service our clients are comfortable with.

Online dating is more like ordering an Uber. You can’t be sure who’s going to show up or what the car will be like.
Most dating services offer countless choices, but you can’t trust that profiles are truthful or photos are current. Online dating is far more successful at providing an endless series of temporary acquaintances or awkward first dates than at matching quality people.

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As professional matchmakers, we appreciate how valuable your time is. An experienced matchmaker thoroughly interviews each prospective client and maintains a continuing relationship. Our service isn’t for everyone. We don’t offer unlimited dates, but introductions to carefully selected potential partners. Elite Connections is focused on offering quality relationships with people you’ll enjoy knowing, not time-wasting disappointments.

With an Elite Matchmaker, Your Personal Information Remains Private

Over our 25 years of matching successful couples, we have learned privacy is extremely important to our clients. They don’t want their personal details publicized to a horde of strangers. We respect that. Keeping your private information unknown to the world at large is one of the most important benefits of matchmaking services.

Matchmaking is Proactive

One of the primary benefits of using a matchmaker is that the matchmaker is proactive and does the legwork of finding the right people for you. Over the years, we’ve nurtured an invaluable list of contacts. We know where the person you’re looking for might be waiting to be found.

Of course, “the one” could be one of our current clients. Each active client is looking for someone and that someone could be you. Each client chose to make the commitment to Elite Connections because he or she is serious about having a fulfilling life with the right person.

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At Elite Connections International, we offer several membership options beginning with our standard Elite Membership and concluding with our ultra-premium Imperial International Membership. Member benefits include photographers, style experts, makeup artists, relationship therapists, communication experts, and more. We want your search to succeed!

Call 1-800-923-4200 or email info@eliteconnections.com to arrange a free consultation with an Elite matchmaker today.