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6 Things Men Notice First About A Woman – Elite Advice

By Elite Connections professional matchmakers

When we first meet someone, we either like them or we don’t there is no in-between. People always say don’t judge a book by its cover, but at the same time, first impressions are everything. With that being said it is a little hard not to judge someone, but it is so important to give that person a chance. It is always good to put your best foot forward and to be the best version of yourself. Being the best version of yourself does not mean putting on an act or not being yourself around someone. It means that you should be respectful and give the person you are meeting the same respect they are giving you. It is most important to be yourself and to be as authentic and genuine as possible. Women find that so attractive and they love a man who is honest and true to himself. There are great professional matchmakers in Los Angeles that can find you a girl who is right for you.

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1. One of the first things a man notices about a woman is her smile. Men love a woman with a beautiful smile, it also says a lot about their personality. Not to say if a woman doesn’t have a beautiful smile that she isn’t lovely, but when a woman has a pretty smile it does show confidence and that she is a very sweet person. When you are positive and have great energy then that rubs off on the man as well. It also makes the date less awkward because he knows that you two might have hit it off. There is a famous quote that says “the prettiest thing a girl can wear is her smile” that is so true.

Men find that very attractive more than how she dresses, wear makeup, and do their hair. When a woman has a beautiful smile that lets the man know that she is content with her life, that she is an optimistic person, and that it is very welcoming. It shows that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. The professional matchmakers in LA will find you a girl with a beautiful smile.

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2. Another thing men notice about a woman is her expression. You wouldn’t really think about that, but when you first meet someone you notice everything. You would be surprised what an expression can say about someone. I’m sure many men have gone on dates with women who have been grouchy, unpleasant and unapproachable. First impressions are everything and if you want to meet someone then you should at least be pleasant. I’m sure women have had the same experiences with men, but even if you don’t like the person it’s still the right thing to do to be nice. Your face says it all. The matchmakers in LA will do everything in their power to match you with women who are sweet and approachable.


3. Men notice her eyes, that is the first thing men usually notice about a woman. Whether a woman has beautiful eyes or not the prettiest, a connection between two people usually happens when your eyes meet. They say “your eyes are the gateway to your soul” that is true, your eyes have a lot of expressions and you can get a feeling about someone by just looking into their eyes. During a date eye contact is very important, sure both parties are typically nervous, but it is still important to have that eye contact to see if you two connect. Men tend to dislike it when a woman doesn’t make eye contact, so don’t be scared to connect. Let him see what a beautiful soul you are. The Los Angeles matchmakers will be on the hunt for women with pretty eyes for you.

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4. Men also notice how well a woman dresses. Yes, that is superficial but unfortunately, that’s how it is. Men don’t care about name brands; they really care about how to put together a woman is. Women feel the same way about a man, if she dresses nice, she wants her partner to do the same. It’s understandable. When you go out you want to put some effort in, if you meet someone for the first time and you’re wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt there most likely will not be a second date. It is important to make an effort when first meeting someone. If you start seeing each other exclusively and have been on a few dates, then I think it’s okay to start showing a more comfortable side. The professional matchmakers in LA will spend time getting to know each member and will match you with someone who has a great sense of style.

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5. A big thing men notice about a woman is her confidence. Men love women who are confident in themselves, their careers, and their fashion sense. How someone carries themselves is so important and tells a lot about a person. If a woman or a man stands tall and walks into a room with confidence that shows that they are comfortable with themselves. If someone slouches that shows that they are not as confident in themselves. A confident and secure woman is very appealing to a man. Confidence radiates and exudes out of a woman, it’s like a breath of fresh air. It also exudes a woman’s inner strength.

Nothing says hello like a radiant woman with a confident and beautiful smile. Women also love men who are confident, so it goes both ways, there is a difference however between confidence and arrogance. Nobody likes someone who is full of themselves. If you get in contact with the right matchmakers in Los Angeles, then I’m sure they will match you with confident and beautiful women.


6. Our professional matchmakers say the last or maybe it is one of the first things men notice about a woman is her body. We know that sounds awful, but it is the truth. Most men have a type, some men prefer women who have a more active lifestyle whereas other men might not care as much. I think a man should like a woman for who she is not how she looks, but not everybody thinks that way. If there is a connection between the two then he might overlook some things so that is why eye contact and good conversation are so important on a first date. It is also nice when you two have a lot in common or share the same interests. Our professional matchmakers are all about giving people chances and really getting to know the person before you judge someone. Most people have tried online dating sites and have been disappointed when they meet the person because they weren’t who they thought they were which is understandable.

That’s why professional matchmaking through a high-end dating agency is the way to go. When you go through a matchmaker, they take the time to get to know each of their members, they go over preferences on both ends to make sure both parties are on the same page. The Los Angeles matchmakers will make sure that they do everything they can to make their members happy and find you your soulmate.


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