Elite Single Women

Eugina gemologist

Eugina (25)


Amy Trainer Model

Amy (25)

Personal Trainer

Jessica Finance

Eugina (25)


Lissarette teacher

Lissarette (26)


Jessica designer

Jacquelyn (27)


Natalie sales

Natalie (29)

Sales Marketing

Tanya student

Tanya (29)


Marcie realtor

Marcie (29)


Esther psychotherapist

Esther (30)


Amie therapist

Amie (31)


Jennifer sales

Jennifer (31)


Wendy business development

Wendy (31)

Business Development

Ali personal assistant

Ali (32)

Personal Assistant


Erin (32)

Wine Importer

Emilia film producer spokes model

Emilia (33)

Film Producer & Spokes Model

Christina artist

Christina (44)


Lisa event planner

Lisa (33)

Event Planner

Allesandra exercise instructor

Allesandra (34)

Exercise Instructor

Natlaya sales

Natlaya (34)


Jessica actress

Jessica (35)

Working Actress

Alana event planner

Alana (35)

Business Owner

Kate medical assistant

Kate (35)

Medical Assistant

Leda pilates teacher blogger

Leda (35)

Pilates Teacher

Erica wine broker

Erica (36)

Wine Broker

Alicia teacher

Alicia (38)

School Teacher

Luba fitness competitor

Luba (36)

Fitness Competitor

Dina stunt woman

Dina (40)

Stunt Woman

Elena piano teacher

Elena (40)

Piano Teacher

Mina architect

Mina (42)


Vanessa professional dancer

Vanessa (33)

Professional Dancer

Kiersten registered nurse

Kiersten (45)

Registered Nurse

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  • Jennifer (36) Works with Children
  • All women featured are actual clients in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Internationally.
  • Beautiful, Together Women of Every Age!
  • Lisarette (26) Teacher
  • Jessica (27) Designer & Business Owner
  • Kimberly (39) Film Producer
  • Wendy (33) Technology Researcher/Developer
  • Casey (30) Makeup Artist
  • Natalya (26) Model
  • Erin (36) Wine Importer
  • Joanne (26) Model / Personal Assistant
  • Vanessa (35) Professional Dancer/Rockett
  • The Original Elite Dating Agency Established in 1994 and A rated
  • Milan (33) Entertainment Events
  • Silva (42) Investments
  • Lizette (51) Real Estate
  • Allesandra - Elite Connections Single Women
    Allesandra (34) Exercise Instructor
  • Esther (32) Psychotherapist
  • Natalie (35) Marketing Director
  • Anita (53)
  • Elena (30) Student, New York
  • Mina (42) Architect & Professor
  • Dina (40) Stunt Woman
  • Anastasia (24) Student
  • Make your life more exciting with Elite Connections.
  • Linda (42) Entrepreneur
  • Elena (41) Piano Teacher
  • Jennifer (32), Oral Surgeon Assistant
  • Courtney (37) Professional actress/Stunt woman
  • Elite Connections Single Women-Jessica-39
    Elite is an award winning matchmaking agency
  • Lonna - Elite Connections Single Women
    Lonna (40) Model
  • Alana (35) Event Planning/Business Owner
  • Meet VIP single women in California, New York, Florida
  • America's Top Matchmaking Agency
  • Jenny (46) TV Producer
  • Emilia (33) Film Producer
  • Jessica Executive Finance Single Women
    Jessica (28) Executive Finance
  • Eugina (24) Gemologist
  • Luana (57) Real Estate Stager
  • Debra (45) Substitute Teacher/Standup comedian
  • Aleksandra (38) Real Estate Broker
  • Vanessa (41) Jewelry Designer
  • Kate (35) Event Planner
Most of our clients are very private and prefer to remain confidential and only accessible to other Elite Connections International members. Here is a sampling of our female clientele.

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