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By Elite Connections (matchmaking agency NYC) VIP Matchmaker NYC CEO Sherri Murphy

Why is dating in NYC so difficult?

Where can I begin? Everyone knows the internet has completely changed how single people meet. The internet has made it even harder in a city like New York. Singles are on their mobile phones 24-7 and have completely lost their social graces and face to face interaction.

1. If you are really making finding love your first priority. Then turn off your cell phone when on a date. Even if you don’t feel interested in the person, giving them your attention is the right and courteous thing to do. I mean TURN IT OFF and not sit there glancing at your texts. It’s completely rude to not give someone your attention. Ask them questions about their life and make friends with them. People come into your life for a reason and sometimes it takes years to know why. Our dating agency NYC has introduced people that have married our clients best friend or brother. Do you really believe this could have happened if they’d been rude and left the date early or been looking at their phone?

2. Everyone is going out on too many dates. Singles can overwhelm themselves with too many dates. Going on three different dating sites, meeting friends of friends, dating people you meet on the street. It’s just too much. You should go out with a couple of nice people a month and make a friend with each one of them. Keep going until you meet a nice quality person and give them a chance. Dating 18 people a month is not going to help you find that person you’re looking for. People that over date become overwhelmed and negative. Then no one will be interested in you at that point even if you find someone you like.

3. Have good dating etiquette. Even if you’re busy always return phone calls within 24 hours. If you meet a new person and you kind of like them, then go on another date and make them a priority. Give them a chance! DO NOT wait a week to call them back and always return their call within a day. I know as a VIP matchmaker New York City has become an area of fast choices and you have to slow down and give the singles you meet a real chance.

4. Blowing someone off by their photo. Too many people take one fast look and decide based on a photo if they will meet a new person or not. Don’t you think it should matter if the person has their life together and has a good heart and soul. Our matchmakers NYC say there simply must be more to being introduced to a new person than just what their facial expression is in a photograph. I’ve met with many celebrities and many do not look just like their photographs. People fantasize about famous people and walk by other singles who are so much more amazing standing next to them. Please ease up on fantasy and give good people a change.

Working with a VIP Matchmaking Agency NYC you can be assured you will meet someone that’s truly the age they say and that their photos are recent, because our matchmaking agency New York City will meet and screen each person face to face.

Dating in New York

By New York Matchmaker’s Eileen Fisher and Veronica Swett

Everyone knows dating in New York can be tough, the New York matchmakers are here help to make this difficult situation easier for you. You ask, “How can the Elite Connections New York team help me?” Our matchmaker’s sole priority is to search for the right date for you. We make sure that each match made for you is personalized based on your dating preferences. Our matchmakers guarantee that each person is well aware of who they will be introduced to, we don’t believe in blind dating here, so there will not be any surprises. As a New York matchmakers, we meet both our men and women to make sure each client is meeting the right fit for them. Not only are they being personally matched, but they also see a full profile on their match with recent photos attached, so they have a good idea of who they are.

New York is a progressive city, there are so many places to go to, so many apps to try and so many people to meet. The problem being, many people have their own busy lives they don’t get the chances to go out and meet these new people, making them miss out on many opportunities. Our matchmakers have their title for a reason, this is what we do for a living. No matter how much hustle and bustle is going on around us, we make our clients our main focus. We are lucky enough to have been in business for 24 years, creating a large database full of high quality clientele.

Not only do our New York matchmakers search through our great database, we also are bringing in new clients on a daily basis. The game of love in ongoing, we make sure to follow up with our clients availability at all times. We have been asked, “Why pay a matchmaker to help us find love?” The answer is simple. People pay for everything in life, money comes and goes. Why not invest in your personal life for once, the most intimate and rewarding part of life? In New York it’s like a numbers games when you go out to try and find your perfect match, there is no guarantee you will end up winning. New York matchmakers are trained to take the numbers game and narrow it down to a select few make that perfectly describe who your match is. Here at Elite Connections, we pride ourselves with our excellent matches. We would love to work with you and end your “numbers game” once and for all. Contact our New York team to find your match today.

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