Dating Advice

Mistakes Single Women Make

By Elite Connections Matchmaker Rosemary Packard

As a matchmaker at the elite matchmaking agency in Orange County, I’ve heard all the stories from men after their dates. So ladies I’m going to fill you in on what they dislike. I’ve been helping women date successful men for over 23 years.

Drilling A Man With Questions
It is wonderful to take an interest in a man however no one wants to be drilled as if they are on a job interview. Personal questions such as “Why did you get divorced,” “How many women have you been out with since your break-up”, “Do you like your job?”, “What do you think of the stock market, how are your stocks doing,” “Do you own a home”, are a major turn-off and an invasion of his personal space. It is important to take an interest and ask non-threatening questions such as “Where did you grow up”. “Have you seen any good movies lately”? “Do you play golf?”

It is most important to be flirty, relaxed, and open with body language.

Women Being Serious And Business Like
A man wants to feel like he is with a feminine, playful, and fun lady. A woman who is stiff, uptight, and uses closed body language will not be appealing. Interacting in a serious and business like manner will only make your date feel like he is out with “one of the guys.” It is most important to be flirty, relaxed, and open with body language. After-all your date has probably been in his business mode all day and does not want to talk business.

Talking About Health Problems
There are women who think that sharing all their health problems with a man will “bond” them. This is the farthest from the truth. Making statements such as “I just had surgery and am in pain”, or “I was in a car accident 2 weeks ago.,” or “I just got back from the doctor and he told me I have a serious eye problem” will make a man feel like he is out with an senior citizen. Leave this kind of talk to your girlfriends. Bring up positive points about yourself and talk about hobbies, interests, movies, and travel.