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By Elite Connections VIP Matchmakers Miami and CEO Sherri Murphy and VP Tammi Pickle

Why so difficult to date in Miami?

Where do I start? To begin with the computer age has changed how singles meet. It’s even harder in a big city like Miami. Everyone is glued to their mobil phones and have lost that personal touch of face to face interaction.

1. If you really want to meet someone you have to make dating your number one priority. If you are going on a date (first or third) then you should turn off your cell. Don’t sit there glancing at your texts and very simply just turn off your phone. This is very important because even if you’re not that interested in the new person you’re meeting, it’s simply rude. You should always give your full attention the person you are meeting. Ask them questions and make a friend. You never know why someone comes into your life. I’ve introduced people that have married my clients best friend. Do you think that would happen if they’d pretended to get a call and leave the date on an emergency early? Be courteous and nice.

2. Going on Way too many dates. People can drown themselves in too many possibilities. Dating online on 4 different sites, dating friends matches, dating people you meet on your own. It’s too much. Meet one or two nice people a month and make a friend. Then just keep looking until you find the right person. Dating 20 people in a month is not going to accomplish what you’re searching for. You’ll simply become negative and jaded and no one will be interested in you at that point even if you find someone you like.

3. Be courteous and always call people back within 24 hours no matter how busy you are. If you meet someone you sort of like, make them a priority and go on another date with them as soon as they are available. If you like someone don’t wait a week to call them and always return their calls within a day. We have become the age of fast choices based on the second and you need to slow things down and give the people you meet a chance.

4. Deciding if you like someone by their photo. Most people take a quick look and decide based on a photo if they want to meet someone or not. It should matter much more what the person is like as a person and if they have a heart and soul. There really must be more to meeting a new person than just what their facial expression is in a photo. I’ve sat in front of a lot of famous people and most do not look like their photos. So people fantasize over these people and pass by people that are much more fabulous standing right next to them. Please ease up and give people a change.
Working with a VIP Matchmaking Agency Miami you can be assured you will meet someone that is the age they say they are and have recent photos because our Miami matchmakers will meet and screen each person face to face.

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