Dating Facts and Concerns: Concerns & Complaints

Matchmaking Concerns & Complaints

Through our years of experience we understand that people who are new to matchmaking have questions and concerns about the process. They are also curious as to what previous complaints have been in the industry as a whole. There are many misnomers about matchmaking and Elite Connections is here to help you through them. We want you to know that we are a high profile dating agency that allows you to meet high profile people every time you date. We are well known and well regarded as a high end solution for meeting quality men and women for long term relationships.

I don’t want to pay to meet someone.

Yes, it may seem unusual to pay someone for an introduction but we at Elite Connections do much more than that. We are professionals in our field with many years of experience, as well as a remarkable success rate. We are not simply introducing you to people, we very carefully examine the traits you are looking for in a partner and match you with the most appropriate person. We have a large database of quality singles and we personally know our clients, so unlike with dating sites and personal ads, there is no risk to you of lies or misrepresentation. We will provide you with only best possible choices. An investment in our matchmaking service is an investment for a better, more fulfilling future.

The kind of people I’m looking for would never join a dating service. I only want the very best.

Matchmakers attract a higher caliber of people for many reasons. Many successful people are too busy working, traveling and meeting with clients to have dedicated time set aside to spend looking for love. As you know, searching alone is often frustrating and fruitless and many of Los Angeles’ elite, like yourself, come to Elite Connections for help. Our clientele contains the most discerning singles Los Angeles has to offer. We are very confident that you will find your matches to be the kind of people you are looking for – the very best. You will find that person who is also looking for you.

I’ve used other dating services in the past and they have been a waste of time. I also have friends who have told me horror stories and were ripped off.

You will not be wasting your time, nor will you be ripped off. Just like there are poor doctors, lawyers, restaurants or matchmakers, there are also excellent ones making a positive contribution to society. Elite Connections is an established, reputable agency with an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. We are convinced that when you meet us and experience how we run our matchmaking service, you will trust your future happiness with us.

Our members join Elite Connections because they want a commitment. When our clients take the time out of their busy lives to interview with us and then pay for membership, they are serious about finding a partner. Because of this, our introductions are extremely valuable. Our matchmakers will find the right matches on your behalf, saving you time, energy and frustration. Let our elite matchmakers make you a match.