How to Choose a Matchmaker

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There are a multitude of reasons for choosing to use the services of a reputable and experienced matchmaker.

You have tried other methods of finding a partner without success.

Online dating, dating agencies, dating services, meet ups, speed dating, blind dates – the ways to meet potential partners are numerous and you may have tried more than one to no avail. When you work with a matchmaker all of the work searching for someone is completed on your behalf. Through an in depth screening process we understand the type of person you are looking for. Our professional matchmakers examine our large database of pre-screened individuals to find the best fit for you. Our elite singles are commitment minded, successful individuals, and the very best Los Angeles has to offer.

You are an extremely busy person.

Most busy professionals don’t have the time or resources for meeting other single, successful people outside of their own office, industry or social circle. Let us allow you to focus on your professional life as we focus on creating a more fulfilling personal and romantic life for you. Our matchmakers will work on your behalf to select appropriate introductions for you. We understand that you are extremely busy and we will save you valuable time in meeting a suitable match.

You are uncomfortable with having your personal information available online.

Online dating has become extremely popular but many people, in particular highly successful people may be uncomfortable with having an online profile. The thought that an unknown number of people will have access to your highly personal information makes many people uneasy. When you use the services of a matchmaker everything is strictly private and confidential.

You consistently date incompatible people.

Sometimes, single people are guilty of selecting Mr. or Mrs. Wrong on a consistent basis. The matchmaker keeps you from repeating the same mistakes. Matchmakers are professionals who identify many different traits about you as well as those of the person you will be introduced to. We understand that looks are important but there are many factors that go into making a successful relationship. This is another way matchmakers are more valuable than online dating and other agencies as we go beyond the profile and into the real personalities of people.

You only want to date the very best.

We are highly selective in the people we accept as members and you will be introduced to some of the most amazing people Los Angeles has to offer. A personal matchmaker provides the privilege of a wide variety of choices. It’s a numbers game, but when working with a matchmaker, there’s an ongoing supply of highly desirable people to choose from. A Los Angeles matchmaker has unique access to quality people in the local area.

Here are some questions you should keep in mind when looking for the very best matchmaker.

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • How many matchmakers does the company have and how long have they been working with the company?
  • What’s the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau? Any complaints logged on the company?
  • How are clients screened and interviewed?
  • How do clients get matched up?
  • Who does the matching?
  • Do clients get to see an in-depth “profile” or bio along with a photo?
  • How does the company advertise and attract new clients?
  • How many clients are in the database?
  • What’s the cost for renewing?
  • Is everyone charged the same fees?
  • Does the company provide client references?
  • How is communication between client and the matchmaker handled?
  • What are the business hours?
  • Is the client database on a computer, and is there email access to matchmakers and profiles?
  • Are there a minimum and/or maximum number of matches?
  • Are there photos and letters from happy clients?
  • Have any of them been successful in finding a mate?

Through asking these questions to other matchmaking agencies you will find that what we offer is of the highest standard. With almost 20 years of experience as well as an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, Elite Connections is the premier matchmaking agency in Los Angeles. We firmly believe that you will have every success in finding someone to share your life with through Elite Connections. Make the call that will change your life today

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Benefits of Using A Matchmaker

  • You’re a busy person, and the mate you’re looking for is probably also busy. You value your time and don’t want to waste it weeding out the countless number of people in Los Angeles that don’t meet your criteria.• A professional matchmaker eliminates the wasted time because it’s our job to learn what you’re looking for, then create a Target Market and weed out incompatible people for you.
  • We screen potential dates and pre-qualify them to ensure that we find you the best possible matches.
  • Elite Connections will talk with you to understand your previous relationships so that we can help you understand who is wrong for you, and how not to keep going after Mr. Wrong or Mrs. Wrong time and time again.
  • Los Angeles is full of a multitude of desirable people; it can be difficult to know where to start when looking for a man or woman. Our job is to constantly look through the masses for you.
  • Your friends mean well when they set you up on a blind date, but they don’t have the years of experience of learning what is important when making a match. The professional matchmakers at Elite Connections know how to find the people you want to meet.
  • Our goal is to introduce you to someone with whom you’ll have a relationship, and want to have a relationship. We work with men and women who are commitment-minded and want more than to just meet new people.
  • You’re a successful person; otherwise you’d go somewhere else. Sometimes it can come off as bragging when you talk about you and what you do. Elite Connections works exclusively with accomplished people, and we know how to inform your potential matches about you in an objective way that will make them want to learn more about you.

All information provided is completely confidential.

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