Dating Advice

Matchmaking Beverly Hills

By Elite Connections VIP Matchmaker Beverly Hills and CEO Sherri Murphy

The difficulty of dating in Beverly Hills?

Where can I begin? To start with technology has changed the way that people meet, even more so in a large city like Beverly Hills. People are constantly on their cell phones and have lost a lot of their social skills.

1. You’ve got to make dating a priority and when you meet someone new, turn off your phone. Don’t glance at your texts and turn simply it off. Even if you are not that interested in the person you are meeting, you need to give them your time and get to know them. Be curious and kind. As our VIP matchmakers Beverly Hills tell their clients, you need to make a friend and you never know what will happen. I’ve had someone I introduce marry that person’s best friend. If they had been rude to my client, they’d not have found the love of their life.

Dating way too much. You can get consumed with finding that perfect person and lining up way too many people to meet in one week. Dating online has made this a rampant problem and some people will meet 2-3 people in one day. Dating in Beverly Hill can be frustrating and you get lost in all the choices. Dating online, meeting your friend’s matches, speed dating events and dating agency Beverly Hills.

2. People are searching for the quick fix and have lost the art of dating and getting to know someone. Limit yourself to meeting one new person a week. If you like them, make them a priority and go out with them as soon as they are free. Don’t wait a week to call them and always return their calls quickly. We have become a generation of fast choices based on the moment and you need to slow down and give people a chance.

Judging People By A Photo. People take a quick look and decide not to meet based on a photo. Doesn’t it matter what the person is like as a person? There has to be more to meeting someone than just what they look like in a photo.

3. I’ve met a lot of celebrities and I can promise you that no one looks like a photo. Remember when they do a photoshoot for a model they take 2000 photos and they touch it up. That’s what you’re looking at in a magazine. So you need to ease up and give people a change. Working with a matchmaker you know you will meet someone that is the age they are and look like their photos. We meet and screen each person face to face.

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