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Welcome to Elite Connections Arizona Matchmaking. The exclusive and most preferred matchmaking agency in the Valley of the Sun. Our unparalleled success of lasting matches, the thousands of happy clients and an A+ business rating make us the obvious choice!

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Phoenix Arizona Matchmaker will find you the match you’ve been searching for.

Elite Connections helps busy professionals who are looking for their soul mate find partners with whom they will most likely connect. Elite Connections is an elite Arizona dating service that’s here to stay even after two decades since its establishment in 1994. Elite Connections has matchmaking offices located in Newport Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, Palos Verdes, Phoenix, Westlake Village, New York, Las Vegas, Miami and many other cosmopolitan cities.

Elite’s skilled and experienced Arizona matchmaker will utilize your criteria and preferences to thoughtfully match you with exceptional people that are interested in meeting you. Your matches will be carefully selected from people we have personally interviewed throughout Metro Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona and beyond to ensure you only meet qualified people. We realize that Elite Connections’ clients are looking to meet other singles in a much more dignified and personal way than online websites can offer. Allow our professional matchmaker to guide you to that special person in a way not possible using computer algorithms.

Are you frustrated meeting unqualified people on dating apps, websites or through friend’s recommendations? Let us do the work to ensure great first matches that often lead to fabulous relationships. You will have peace of mind knowing your Arizona matchmaker is dedicated to finding your right match, even if the last one wasn’t “the one”. Your matchmaker will provide personal assistance during every step and won’t stop looking or working for you. So, if you’re tired of meeting people that don’t meet your preferences, contact us to see what Elite Connections’ Arizona dating service can do for you. Come in today and find your special someone.

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Our Arizona matchmakers works hard to help the best singles in Phoenix, Arizona area. Dating in Arizona can be a frustrating experience and it’s our job to make it easier for you. Our clients are tired of dating online and looking for a better quality of people to meet
Our female clients are established women in Arizona looking for quality relationships.
Our Elite matchmakers will make the right connection to help you find that perfect match.Gentlemen – view a few of our female clients
The single men we work with in Arizona and Phoenix are professionals that live or travel to this area and are seeking a fabulous relationship.
They are tired of dating and looking to settle down with someone wonderful. Meet with our Arizona matchmakers in person so we can use our experience and our extensive database to make an great match for you.Ladies – view a few of our male clients
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Today is the time to make the most important investment in your life. What are you waiting for?

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Meet the owners of the company. The mother-daughter VIP matchmakers. They work with celebrity, high profile and elite singles.

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